Shipping Commenced!

We have now begun shipping of your books and rewards!

After wracking our brains for the best possible and lightest packaging solutions, we discovered that we still couldn’t escape massive postage costs for each case, more than what we had calculated for. So to remedy this we are opting for Sea Mail for most overseas pledgers.

The ETA for these parcels will be about 2-3 months, but we made packaging and protection of the books our top priority, so they are well padded for the most comfortable journey.

SHIPPING DELEGATIONS: Vikki is taking care of all International rewards and all tiers $50 and above. These will be sent out from Melbourne, VIC. Eri is taking care of most rewards within Australia, and they will be sent out from Canberra, ACT.

IMPORTANT NOTE: There are a few people whom we still have not received survey responses/addresses from. If you are one of these people we will be contacting you with a reminder but we will not be able to ship your reward until we have the correct information.

If you could let us know once you have received your rewards, that would be great!
Otherwise, look forward to your packages and thanks once more for making this all happen!


– Team Colour Fantastica