Here’s a little collection of FAQ that we’ve received during the course of things. If you have any other questions, shoot us a question through the Kickstarter, Facebook, or Twitter (we wouldn’t recommend leaving comments here, because we get so much spam through the comments box we tend to delete pending comments without reading them ;_;)


Q: I missed the Kickstarter campaign! Is there a way I can get hold of the book?

A: The Colour Fantastica will be available from our online store when that goes live! The store will go live in mid-April, close to our official release date of March 7th. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook to keep up-to-date with when the store goes live.


Q: How will you be shipping the books? I’ve had some bad experiences in the past where hardcover books have been damaged.

A:  We will be bubble wrapping the book, and then casing it up with cardboard (we’ll be making a cardboard template to fit the bubble wrapped book). The cardboard will be relatively thick, so NOT like a cereal box or something! This will then be put in a plastic delivery bag. The delivery bag and the bubble wrap will hopefully offer water protection too.