Fly the Colour Fantastica is a story-driven comic anthology produced by 12 Australian artists. Through heart-felt story telling and colour as the main tool, each artist draws one chapter reflecting on the themes of growth, revelation, and small victories. A celebration of the little things that make the bigger picture, Fly the Colour Fantastica invites readers to travel these rich and brilliantly coloured worlds.


The Colour Fantastica aims to fill a gap in the Australian comic scene by presenting a fantastical and enigmatic collection of stories with a ‘post-anime’ visual style. The second aim of the anthology is to serve as a social project that will strengthen communication and collaboration between artists in Australia. While the internet is a powerful tool to connect with and work with like minds, we believe there is a special magic in meeting and working with other artists in person.


The Book

Book Final


A vision of loveliness. A real-life publication showcasing the talents of 12 exceptional individuals. And outlined:

  • 164 pages of beautiful full-colour comics
  • 5.8″ x 8.3″ (A5) hard cover book
  • Gorgeous Matte Laminate cover with Gold Spot Foil
  • Satin Ribbon bookmark (width 1 cm)
  • 500 LIMITED EDITION books distributed among artists and supporters

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